Life as a Black Scholar- Wall of A's

The one word I would use to describe my first year of college was determined. I was decent in academics during high school and would only skate by most of my classes I was determined to get a fresh start and do well in college. I vividly remember creating a goal in my head to get nothing but A's on all of my classwork. Every time I got an A in class, I posted it on my dorm wall. In no time my entire wall was covered in loose papers filled with A's. Only A's made this wall no B+ in sight. I am a visual learner. I needed things to be right in my face to really keep my goal at the forefront of my mind. by the end of our quarter my GPA was a 3.8! Just .2 shy from 4.0! Never in my dreams did I think I would straight murder my freshman year of college! Not going to lie, I really wanted that 4.0 and I saw what stability and a goal could do for my life. Sophomore year was a whole other story..!


5 Tips for Black Freshman Scholars

1. Create clear SMART goals for your Freshman year. Make sure the goal is attainable and measurable to hold yourself accountable. ACCOUNTABILITY is everything! If you're a visual learner, like me. Use a vision board to draw out your plan of attack.

2. Find your tribe.Their are clubs or organization out there for you! I was a little late to this party and didn't branch out from my childhood friends until sophomore year. I really wish I started my freshman year because everybody found their circle by the time sophomore year hit and I needed to catch up.

3. Create healthy habits. Don't stay up late every night. Their is a such thing as too much partying. Go to class. Exercise. Eat your veggies when mom is not looking. Ask for help when you need it.

4. Turn Up! It's college so make sure you have fun. You're among the most talented critical thinkers of your time. Take the initiative to have long discussions with your peers- Create- Collaborate. Vibe to music. Share your thoughts and food. Create a community.

5. Make it worth it. Reflect on all the reason you are in college and keep them at the back of your mind. Use up every resource offered to you. Take the time to network and plan your future.

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